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Photo Diary: Ceja Vineyards 2012 Harvest

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - 6:08am

I woke up hearing tractors drive near my window while the faint glow of the crisp morning light started to peek in my room. Harvest had started! The campesinos {vineyard workers} had actually been picking since 2am. Feeling the excitement in the air, I didn't even bother to hit the snooze button - I was up. The morning was damp, overcast and perfect for harvesting. Dressed in warm gym attire, I walked to the back of our Carneros property where they were already  busily picking Pinot Noir grapes.

I was greeted by my uncle Armando Ceja (our winemaker) who was tasting and sampling different clusters of fruit in a nearby bin. "It's perfect," he stated and then started to sort out leaves, twigs and fallen debri from a huge white bin. He was right, the fruit was juicy, plump and so sweet. I knew then that our 2012 vintage would be stellar! The crew was hard at work, moving fast, precise and skillful with the sharp knives in their hands. I couldn't help but gawk in wonder and admire their hard work with nothing but the deepest respect.

As soon as I started snapping pictures, I got in a zone and remembered my childhood during harvest. I can recall following after the crews picking up clusters left on the vines and on the ground. My family went from picking grapes to award winning vintners and it's because of the contribution of the Mexican labor force that makes it possible for Napa Valley wines to be enjoyed all over the world.

I couldn't have asked for a more inspiring morning in our vineyards. Happy Harvest y'all! Ole!


Grecian Green Dress


Over Memorial Day weekend we took the opportunity to explore the gorgeous wine country of Paso Robles. As I predicted, the weather was undeniably warm and breezy, making this the perfect day to sport this Grecian green dress. I stumbled on this dress at a vintage trunk show, and I've been wearing it since my college days. I love the subtle details with the high empire waist, the seamless flowing fabric and the golden rope that borders the neckline. Together with my gladiator lace up sandals and a simple yellow shawl, this outfit reminds me of what a fashion forward Greek goddess would wear. Ole!