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Tulum and Coba Ruins (Part Four)


As you might have guessed {and seen from my previous post} I have a huge fascination with all old ruins & pyramids, including Mayan, Aztec and Inca. There is something so intriguing and mystical about cities that were built thousands of years ago before there was electricity, forklifts or even something simple like a hammer. It boggles my mind that there were such skilled architects and engineers with nothing more to work with than mud and limestone {I know, when did I become a philosopher, right?}

The last few days in Mexico we ventured to the Southern region of the Yucatan Peninsula and explored Tulum and Coba. Both are Ancient Mayan civilizations that once stood as powerful & influential civilizations over a thousand years ago. Tulum was a city built on the coast of the Caribbean ocean and was used as the main port of the royal government for exporting goods to neighboring countries. Can you imagine having this view as your backyard? These nobles definitely took advantage of their gorgeous surroundings.

Coba is located deep in the Yucatan jungle surrounded by two lagoons and was once known for being a political and religious center for the Mayan people. I had the opportunity to climb the largest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula named the Nohoch Mul pyramid. It was quite a trek but once up there it was so worth the climb with its breathtaking panoramic views!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures {and videos} that we captured… Ole!

{Check out this video filmed at the beachfront of Tulum!}

{The exotic Mayan ruins at Tulum}

{I love this picture. Iguana attack!}

{I named her Loca Lilly the Toucan}

{Check out my video on top of the pyramid at the Coba ruins!}

{La Iglesia pyramid at Coba}

{Natasha, the adorable monkey at Coba}

{One of two Mayan ballgame courts at Coba}

 {Sitting at the top of the Pyramid in Coba. Amazing views!}


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