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Bookworms Can Be Sexy Too


As a kid, one of the worst insults is to be called a nerd. Oddly enough, nerdy chic has somehow evolved into a trend that has been embraced seen here & here. Lately I’ve been finding myself taking shelter in coffee shops, the library and anywhere else bookworms might linger to study. I’m not one of those people who can stay home and work considering the many entertainment distractions {mindless reality T.V., snacking, TwitterPinterest, and errr… Facebook}.

When going to class, I usually opt for what’s comfy and colorful - a crisp shirtdress, scarf and simple flats. I find that changing up my school wardrobe and keeping a polished look helps me stay focused when long school days become a bit tiresome and when black tea and caffeine just won’t do it anymore.

So, besides finance and marketing textbooks, what am I reading right now? I must admit, 50 Shades of Grey has captured my full attention {for the next few hours}. Ole!


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