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A Stroll Along The Napa Riverfront

Visit downtown Napa for a spontaneous day full of shopping, wine tasting, dining & romance!

The weather in Napa has been unseasonably warm with highs in the mid- 70’s. Our entire neighborhood seems to have shifted overnight into Spring with smells of jasmine and orange blossoms lingering in the air. Yesterday afternoon was the perfect time for a healthy walk in downtown Napa’s Riverfront neighborhood. Accented with ebony railings and antique-inspired lampposts, this paved path meanders along the west bank of the Napa River. It’s a charming place to enjoy a casual stroll where you are surrounded by rural beauty, elegant boutiques, art galleries, and endless restaurants and tasting rooms at your beck and call. I love that I can call this area my backyard!

The outfit: Sometimes dresses that look a bit awkward on the hanger turn out to be the most fun to wear. This festive and totally on-trend Diane Von Furstenberg tribal wrap dress is just what you need to mix things up. But then again, anything that pairs bright citrusy colors with a tribal print typically gets my vote.