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A Moment of Reflection

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Life can be terribly unpredictable and so incredibly harsh sometimes. Putting aside my usual upbeat fashion, food or travel posts, I needed a moment of reflection...

This past week has proved to be one of the most difficult times for my family and close friends. My best friend received the most tragic and heartbreaking news that her mom, her aunt and her cousin were killed in a horrible car accident caused by a drunk driver {Vanessa, I love you and am here for you, forever and always}. Let this serve as a reminder to everyone to please, please, please not drink and drive. The consequences are literally deadly, and will always lead to loss, sadness and families and friends left without their loved ones.

Within the same week, my family received very sad and upsetting news that my dearest uncle is dying from cancer. He was diagnosed with stage four cancer less than 6 weeks ago and his body has already begun the shutdown process {te quiero mucho tio Ramon}. We are holding his hand, playing his favorite mariachi music and supporting him through his final days.

My heart and soul breaks for them as I write this. The loss of a parent or any family member is tragic and heart wrenching. I realize that in life we cannot avoid pain, but we can help make it seem less painful by providing sincere support and endless love. Life is so fragile and with all the hustle and bustle of today's world we need to cherish those we hold dearly. Remember to hold your family and friends tight today and forever. They are all we have in this world and that is really all that is important…