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Mexican Hot Chocolate

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This post is dedicated to my abuelita, Mama Juana, for her passion, love and the delicious treats she makes for us.

My abuelita's introduction to this decadent beverage began in a little pueblo in Michoacán, Mexico where she used it as an easy, affordable and delicious way to feed her six kids {and counting} for breakfast. To this day, she will peek her head in our offices and eagerly ask me, “mija, quieres chocolate con pan?” and I will always answer her, “por supuesto Mama Juana.” Gosh, I’m feeling very fortunate at this very moment…

So what’s so special about Mexican hot chocolate? Well, you get the rich and bold flavors from the dark Mexican chocolate with just a hint of spice and cinnamon to trigger your senses. Go ahead, I dare you to try… Ole!

{Past and present abuelita. Isn't she stunning?!}

{Frothing the hot chocolate with a wooden molinillo}

{Ole! Le finished product}

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Combine 2 ½ cups milk (about 5 ounces), one cinnamon stick and coarsely chopped Mexican chocolate, such as Ibarra or Abuelita, in a pot. Turn on the stove to a medium-high level. Put a wooden molinillo in the pot and begin whipping the chocolate by rolling the handle quickly back and forth between your palms {a whisk or an electric beater will work just as well}.

The movement is a little like rubbing your palms against each other to warm them in cold weather — only here the molinillo’s wooden handle is between them. After a few minutes of vigorous beating, dip a spoon into the mixture to make sure the chocolate has dissolved (they’ll always be a few bits of chocolate on the bottom) and the mixture is foamy.

p.s. Pair with a toasted bolillo {Mexican roll} to dip the bread in the chocolate and you’ll be in heaven!

[typography font="Homemade Apple" size="22" size_format="px"]Happy Friday mis amores! xo[/typography]