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Hog Island Oyster Co.

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[typography font="Homemade Apple" size="22" size_format="px"]The world is your oyster...[/typography]

  This past Saturday, we escaped to the shores of Tomales Bay - a picturesque fishing town with lots of places to eat fresh or barbecued oysters. Perhaps nothing so perfectly captures the sweet, salty essence of the sea as an oyster on the half shell.

I’ve had my fair share of delicious Hog Island Oysters in Napa, but I wanted to go straight to the source.  With a bottle of Ceja Sauvignon Blanc, a sourdough baguette and Cowgirl Creamery goat cheese in tow, we feasted on over 5 dozen Sweetwater and Kumamoto oysters. We topped off the oysters with a fresh tomatillo salsa, lemon juice, spicy mignonette, Tapatio sauce & Parmesan cheese - simply mouthwatering! {click here  for the full recipe}.

The weather was idyllic with warm, breezy winds and I could have sat there, eating and relaxing, forever. It's days like this that remind me why I love living in Northern California. I think there are few experiences that compare to indulging in oysters and watching the sunset on Tomales Bay. Le sigh…

p.s. You get the option to schuck your own oysters or enjoy the oyster bar. Come prepared with a shucking knife, gloves, toppings and your favorite bottle of bubbles or Sauvignon Blanc. Ole!

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