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Old Meets New in Sonoma Plaza

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BCBG Generation Trench Coat, Calvin Klein Dress, Franco Sarto Sandals,  JCrew Necklace & Michael Kors Watch

BCBG Generation Trench Coat, Calvin Klein Dress, Franco Sarto Sandals, JCrew Necklace & Michael Kors Watch

I absolutely love juxtapositions especially when old meets new. In this case, I’m referring to my modern day spring outfit in comparison to the Mission San Francisco Solano behind me founded in 1823 by Spanish-Mexican Monks. It’s remarkable to see that we’ve gone through several eras of fashion and the mission is still standing, as well as several fashion trends. So what era am I? I’m a combination of a few and I consider my style everyday colorful Bohemian Chic. I love combining dresses with a variety of patterns and colors which express my love of fashion and the ability to combine old styles with new trends.

Shooting at this historic landmark was pretty special for two reasons: in 4th grade I selected this mission for my California history fourth grade report. Who else remembers this project? Secondly, my family is in the process of constructing our own mission/hacienda style winery paying homage to how wine was introduced to California via the missions. Stay tuned for more winery updates!

touring-sonoma mission-when-old-meets-new-sonoma-plaza

Sonoma Plaza has always captured my heart for it's rural charm, historic significance and eclectic mix of tasting rooms, restaurants, hotels, cafes and galleries. With its winding alleyways, timeworn adobe storefronts, and historic landmarks the square boasts vast stretches of lawn that creates a lush setting for picnics, cultural activities and weekly farmers markets. Definitely one of my favorite local scenes in Sonoma's beautiful wine country! Who else agrees?

Rainy Day Philosophy

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Hunter Boots ,  Max Studio Stripped Dress,   BCBGeneration Coat

Hunter BootsMax Studio Stripped Dress, BCBGeneration Coat

Rainy days. I love how it softens the outlines of things. The world becomes delicately blurred, and for some reason I feel at peace and relaxed. With the start of the new year I’ve made it a point to take action on a few simple philosophies that I believe are beneficial to the mind, body and soul.

  • Drink more water, drink less alcohol.
  • Stop complaining and learn to live life with what you have.
  • Exercise more, eat healthy, and go for walks. Long walks.
  • Delete the negative, accentuate the positive.
  • Do small things with great love.
  • Invest in people who invest in you.
  • Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.
  • Learn to say no without explaining yourself.
  • Embrace messy hair, sweatpants and get lost in a book with no one around.
  • At some point you have to let go of what you thought should happen and start living in what is happening.
dalia-ceja-rainy-day-napa-valley-BCBGeneration Coat

This weekend I’m headed to Lake Tahoe for my birthday. I’m excited to be immersed in nature’s glorious winter wonderland with awesome company. Happy Friday amigos!

Adiós 2015, Bienvenido 2016

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BCBG Dress and Necklace, Vintage Feather Wrap, Sam Edelman Heels, Michael Kors Watch

BCBG Dress and Necklace, Vintage Feather Wrap, Sam Edelman Heels, Michael Kors Watch

Happy New Year amigos! I’m delighted to announce I’m back and spearheading my lifestyle blog in full force. To recap, over the past year and a half I tackled a few milestones that temporarily took my full attention (a little thing called life). Some key highlights included: receiving my executive MBA at Sonoma State University in wine marketing, collaborating with NakedWines.com to produce my 3rd vintage of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay under my La Tapatia wine label, while marching into my 30’s with gusto and continuing to work with my family's winery.  Whew, what a ride!

In short, much has transpired in such a beautiful way and now I can’t wait to continue to share my adventures, findings, fashion tips, recipes and shenanigans with all of you. Thank you for joining me on this journey and here’s to an unforgettable and exciting 2016. Ole!


Throughout the holidays I always like to have a festive option that's an alternative to sequins and classic red outfits. The soft ivory tulle dress in contrast to the chocolate brown feather wrap offers a modern yet sexy way to dress up your holiday ensemble. Did I mention I have a slight dress obsession?

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

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Mi madre - Amelia Ceja

Mi madre - Amelia Ceja

If a picture is worth a thousand words then family is worth 10 million…

I dedicate this post to my mom, Amelia Ceja. Today happens to be her birthday and in honor of her special day I want to take a moment to celebrate her achievements and recognize a very inspiring individual who has not only made an impact in my life but also in the thriving wine industry.

This past week proved to be very exciting! My mom, our family and our business, Ceja Vineyards, were featured on NBCs Today Show {watch the segment HERE}! The interview captured the essence of my mother’s voice, representing a Latina woman that went from ex-immigrant to vineyard worker, to winery owner. I am proud of what she and my entire family have accomplished. We are not perfect. We have our own challenges but as a family we make it work and want to leave behind a legacy that through hard work, sacrifice, passion and dedication, anything is possible.

Photographer, Norma Quintana, took these portraits of my family in 2005. We were honored to have been part of a photo series she shot, titled, Forget Me Not/No Me Olvides.

Back in the day - age 20

Back in the day - age 20

Sr. Pablo and dad Pedro Ceja

Sr. Pablo and dad Pedro Ceja

My Abuelita - Mama Juanita

My Abuelita - Mama Juanita

Uncle - Armando Ceja

Uncle - Armando Ceja

{My bro, musician - Navek Ceja}

{My bro, musician - Navek Ceja}

Happy Birthday Mom! Te quiero muchisimo.

Spring Fever in Napa Valley!

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Min Agostini Teal Dress,  Chloé Sunglasses , Vintage Jewelry,  Kenneth Cole Nude Sandal

Min Agostini Teal Dress, Chloé Sunglasses, Vintage Jewelry, Kenneth Cole Nude Sandal

Let's find a beautiful place to get lost in the mustard flowers...

Spring in the Napa Valley casts a strong spell, with its yellow-hued vineyards, 70-degree days and cool nights warmed by vino and night bocce ball (in my case). This time of year leaves a stunning yellow trail of mustard blossoms that literally causes cars to stop in their tracks and admire the bold beauty. It’s also the perfect transitional season to shift from boots and fussy layers, to light airy dresses, sandals and lots of sunshine.

Today’s look was inspired by the recent election of Argentine, Pope Francis. I swept through my closet and found this dress that I had purchased on my last trip to Buenos Aires. It’s made by one of my favorite Argentine designers, Min Agostini, whom I happened to stumble upon during one Sunday afternoon at the popular San Telmo Street Market. Agostini uses her skills as an architect to bring a new level of structural innovation, which I absolutely adore when designed right - hence the cap sleeve ruffle and bubble bottom. I can't wait to go back!